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English as a Second Language (ESL)

ESL Security Officers




If you are a security officer whose first language is not English and

are learning English as a second language, keep these communication

tips in mind:

  • Continue to study and improve your English speaking and writing skills.

  • Learning a second language takes time and practice. Many local or community colleges offer inexpensive ESL classes.

  • Use free online, Internet resources for ESL education and help when writing reports.

  • When possible, use software with spell checkers and grammar checkers for written communications.

  • Keep a dictionary and grammar book on hand for report writing to help you use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation in your reports. In fact, this is a good idea for all security guards.

  • DO NOT ask someone other than your supervisor to help you with the English in your documentation. Remember security officer documentation must be kept secure and confidential to protect the privacy of individuals and companies mentioned in the documentation.

  • If it appears you are not being understood because you are an ESL speaker, use different words to communicate the same message to see if this helps your message to be understood.

  • Your first language helps you when communicating with others who speak your first language as their first language.

  • Be aware of cultural and/or body language differences that may be misinterpreted by native English speakers or speakers with a different first language than yours.

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