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Select the correct answers to the following questions and click Submit when you are done.


Q.1 Guards do not often come across ESL speakers.







Q.2 Which of the following is NOT true?


ESL officers should use software to help with for written communications whenever possible.


If it appears you are not being understood because you are an ESL speaker, you should just walk away.


An ESL officer should NOT ask someone other than their supervisor to help them with the English in their documentation.


None of the above



Q.3 Which of the following is true?


ESL officers should continue to study and improve their English speaking and writing skills.


ESL officers should keep a dictionary and grammar book on hand for report writing to help them use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation in their reports.


An ESL officer's first language helps them when communicating with others who speak the officer's first language as their first language.


All of the above.


None of the above.



Q.4 You should never use software to help you with your written communications.





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