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8 hr Power to Arrest & Appropriate Use of Force

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This package includes the required 8-hour Guard Card Course. Power to Arrest -- 3 Hours 1. Overview of Power to Arrest and Appropriate Use of Force Training Manual and subject matter. 2. Responsibilities and ethics in citizen arrest and types of encounters. 3. Relationship between security personnel and a peace officer in making an arrest. 4. Limitations on security personnel power to arrest, and security personnel's role including: a. Background on private security industry b. Contractual obligations c. Company policies 5. Restrictions on searches and seizures. 6. Criminal and civil liabilities, including both of the following: a. Personal liability b. Employer liability 7. Trespass law. 8. Ethics and communications. 9. Emergency situation response, including response to medical emergencies. 10. Security officer safety. Appropriate Use of Force -- 5 Hours In-Person *Contact Instructor*

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