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The Role and Responsibilities of the Security Guard

How should security guards PERFORM their job?


The major responsibility of a security guard should be prevention BEFORE an incident/offense occurs. Thus, a security guard should be highly visible. By being seen, the guard may discourage anyone who might be considering theft, damage, or personal injury. A security guard's job should be PREVENTION. To do the job well, the security guard MUST:


•Be alert




The decision on how the security guard should react to any given situation is at the discretion of the guard's employer.


What is a sign that a security guard is doing a good job?


The absence of incidents or offenses (crimes) is one sign that a security guard is doing a good job.


What should a security guard do if an incident/offense does occur?


If an incident/offense occurs, a guard should not immediately intervene. Instead, the security guard should:


•Stay calm

•Observe and remember events

•Report to the police/or the security guard's supervisor (follow the employer policy).


The above direction is a suggestion and is at the discretion of the employer. Some employers may want their security personnel to be more proactive as long as they stay within the parameters of what is lawful regarding private person's (citizen's) arrest.

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