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Select the correct answers to the following questions and click Submit when you are done.


Q.1 In order to maintain good public relations, when a security guard speaks with someone from the public, they should ______________________.


Be tactful and respect sensitive or confidential situations.


Make eye contact.


Shake hands and introduce themselves properly.


All of the above


None of the above



Q.2 Security officers represent the organization that employs them and they must project a positive image in accordance to the image the organization wants to maintain and not the image the security officer might want outside of work.







Q.3 According to the reading, which of the following are a quality that a security professional should possess in order to maintain a positive image?


Dependability and politeness


Strength and the ability to stand out in a crowd


Assertiveness, and a "take-charge" mentality


All of the above


None of the above

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