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Select the correct answers to the following questions and click Submit when you are done.


Q.1 If a person has signed as condition of employment that they themselves agree to be searched upon leaving their employer's property or while on the property and the person agrees to be searched, a security guard can search the employee.







Q.2 If the guard has reasonable grounds, not just a suspicion, to believe the employee has stolen employer property, he can call the police and let the police handle the matter.







Q.3 If a subject withdraws their consent at any time, either verbally or by pulling the bag, purse, etc. away from the guard, the guard does not have to stop the search.







Q.4 Which of the following statements is NOT true when dealing with an employee theft incident?


Employee theft can happen at a retail store or any type of office or manufacturing facility.


An employee who is stealing is less likely to be armed and dangerous.


A security guard will rarely ever have to arrest an employee suspected of theft.


All of the above


None of the above



Q.5 When handling possible employee theft:


Call your mother to ask what is for dinner.


Call your supervisor for help.


Always search and touch the employee before asking any questions.

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