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Security Officer and Employer Liability

Guards can be subject to civil and criminal lawsuits. In some cases, the guard's employer can also be charged.Often, persons who feel they have been wronged by a security guard will press civil rather than criminal charges as there are monetary rewards in a civil case and it takes less evidence to convict a person or company in civil court


.A company, a guard and a guard's supervisor can be found guilty in a civil court for:

  • Failing to take steps to prevent crimes that occur on the premises.

  • Inadequately screening security guard applicants.

  • Failing to train a security guard before the guard started to work.

  • Being negligent in supervision and training of guards.

  • Failing to maintain policies and procedures for safety and physical security programs.


A guard can be found guilty in criminal court for crimes, such as false arrest, assault and battery and illegal detention. If a guard is found guilty of a criminal offense, they will have a criminal record and not be able to work as guard ever again.

A convicted guard loses their job and income.

A guard can be charged with both a criminal and civil offense for the same action. If found guilty, a guard could face time behind bars and be ordered to pay damages to the civil court.

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